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An amazing AI and robotics project is about to be realized in Georgia

February 1, 2018 - ICO - , ,

With world famous robot Sophia which became the first robot to receive official citizenship from Saudi Arabia or from anywhere else in the world, there is no doubt that the future is in robotics and in AI.

Georgian based Kepler Technologies has a grand plan to build a mega factory which will be one the biggest ones in Europe for development of AI technologies and for the production of robots and robotic technologies.

The AI developed will be used for controlling the robots produced in this high tech mega factory.

The innovative company plans to build an entire Kepler City which will include a Kepler hotel and a restaurant network which will be sold as franchises. The idea is to build a tech incubator where the world’s leading visionaries and inventors can reside and work together to create unique and innovative robotics and AI products and services.

All developers and other people interested in participating in the work of Kepler Technologies will be able to get access to funding via the planned Kepler Universe Platform based on KEP tokens. These tokens will be used as the official currency for the entire Kepler ecosystem. The KEP owners and investors will be the ones to decide which products and services will be developed and invested in and which won’t, so in a way, the entire Kepler technologies will be managed by a decentralized and transparent system made up of KEP token owners. 80% of the realized income will be redistributed back among the KEP investors (You could stay in touch here).

The project also includes the establishment of a Mega Lab for the projects and innovations, a Mega Factory situated on an area of 8,000 sq. meters, with robots doing most of the work and integration with the AI solutions of the establishment.

The innovative company relies on the excellent location picked for their project which is in Georgia -a passing point of the Silk Road connecting Europe and Asia.

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