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Automated AIRDROPS on steroids! EXTENT

August 4, 2018 - Reviews, Tokens - , , , ,

Extent is a great new project based on ethereum blockchain that will allow you to participate in token airdrops on automat.

Extent is an erc20 standard token. The project is a multifunctional platform for token creators and their future investors. Extent can benefit both sides – for creators, in extending the number of their project’s potential investors, while the Extent token hodlers can gain access to free automated airdrops.

The most interesting part is that Extent had NO ICO – It is free for everyone! If you want to get some Extent tokens, fill the form at their website. Easy as 1,2,3!

As well they’re currently doing an airdrop themself and want to make a fair launch to give everyone the chance to get into extent. You can participate in it simply fillind the form.

You can be sure that You don`t risks anything: Just get it free now and hodl your EXTENTs.

Don`t miss Your chance – this token will have a good market value in the near future.








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