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Become an investor in this AI based blockchain platform and change the world of clinical trials of drugs and medical devices which can save lives

May 11, 2018 - Crypto News, Crypto Reviews - , , ,

Lisaiceland an innovative company for R&D and clinical project consulting is looking for investments via a StartEngine Campaign.

The project which Lisaiceland is asking to be supported by interested investors is called ClinicalTrials360 – a blockchain secured, healthcare AI based platform.

The project has been in development since 2013, and today in 2018 the team has announced that the final product is ready to serve the healthcare community. The innovative and reasonably priced Clinical Trials Data Management Solution SaaS is ready for use.

It is blockchain integrated and includes Ai and machine deep learning technology for an optimal performance. It provides in-depth healthcare knowledge access as well as for optimal clinical trial data management.

The platform also includes an integrated e-learning, completion and certification program.

The backbone is cloud-based and it takes advantage of innovative robotic process automation for the services and data it provides.

It has been thoroughly tested for over four years in the area of clinical trial drug and medical device testing.

The team behind the project is offering interested parties to purchase $0.19 per share for common stock, and the expectations are that in the future the value of the company will reach and exceed $18.3 million.

If you choose to invest $500 or more, you will get access to sneak peaks of the functionality and performance of the platform before its official release as well as a $50 discount card. All purchases of common stock have a 10% discount.

For investors willing to put $5,000 or more into the company, sneak peaks to all releases will be made available and a $200 gift card as well as the discount of 10% for stock purchases.

The platform which is secured by blockchain and based on AI will be able to handle massive amounts of secured healthcare data, which will be stored, extracted and analyzed via the AI engine.

All this will allow for the reduction of target choosing time in clinical trials from the current average of six years to only one year.

The ClinicalTrials360 will be incredibly useful for all human-based clinical trials of drugs or medical devices.

The platform will be further improved by the team in order to solve any challenges in various clinical trial data management, incorporate the entire workflow and the AI and deep learning, e-certifications, and e-learning in one private blockchain for added security.

It can easily be tweaked by the team and customized to meet the specific needs of the users for the clinical trial and will operate in the cloud for quick, easy and safe access and operations.

So, if you are in the business of clinical trial data management or are interested in helping boost the time and results of the drug and medical device clinical trials which can save so many lives worldwide, as well as save all the money spent on prolonged and cancelled clinical trials, you should seriously consider investing in the ClinicalTrials360 platform and in the experienced and innovative team of Lisaiceland at StartEngine right away!

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