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Bitcoin: The Future Of Money

December 1, 2018 - Analysis, Tutorials - , , , ,

In fact, over the last 15 years, we’ve seen the internet become an enormous power for the decentralization of communications. It has been a very liberating force. But if you look at economic inclusion and how banking works, we haven’t expanded opportunity. We haven’t expanded access. In fact, we’re now regressing. Economic inclusion is decreasing.

Geopolitics is affecting finance in a serious way because the combination of state and money produces toxic results. And we’re about to disrupt all that.

In a centralized system, the further out you are, the less control you have. The closer you get to the system, and the farther you move up the hierarchy, the more controlled, the more limited the access is. But not with bitcoin. With systems like bitcoin, every node on the network has equal access to all of the financial services.

Bitcoin is the first financial network that exhibits neutrality.

When people call bitcoin a “digital currency,” they’re missing the point. The euro is a digital currency, the US dollar is a digital currency. Less than 8 percent of these currencies exist in physical form; the rest is bits on ledgers. But the fundamental difference is that these ledgers are controlled by centralized organizations, whereas in bitcoin, they’re not. Bitcoin has a decentralized network, an open network.

Bitcoin is censorship-resistant.

Bitcoin is much more than currency. When I say that bitcoin is “the internet of money,” the emphasis is not on “money”; the emphasis is on internet. Welcome to the future of money.

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