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CryptoCasher – use your smartphone to make smart deals

September 8, 2018 - Reviews, Tokens - , ,

Cryptocurrencies seem to claim a steady role in the future of the financial world. The profit possibilities they offer attract many ordinary people into trying out their virtual currency trading abilities, or they simply need to buy some cryptocurrency for their own reasons. Whatever the purpose, virtual-fiat currency deals have a major drawback at the moment – they need the buyer and seller to have bank accounts and to be registered in specialized centres which can do that trade, and those centres re very few worldwide. And a client’s personal bank usually refuses any crypto transactions, which can even mar the client’s credit history.  There is another way to do these transactions – by meetings in person, but these have proved to be highly dangerous and the buyer stands the risk of getting robbed.

CryptoCasher is an service which addresses this problem through its smartphone app CryptoCasher. The company is Estonia-based, all its major founders and executives were born In Estonia, the country which gave birth to Skype and other extremely popular applications. CryptoCasher intends to facilitate the trading process by organizing it in a simple way that makes use of an escrow and renders bank accounts and intermediaries unnecessary. This is how the system works.

Buyers, sellers and escrows will need to download and install the CryptoCasher app on their smartphone, which takes seconds. Say, you are a buyer – the apps lets you pinpoint your position on a map and search that map for potential sellers in your preferred area. When you contact the seller and agree on a price, you both decide which escrow to use for the transaction. An escrow can be any legal business where the CryptoCasher app also functions. Then the buyer goes to the escrow, who scans the buyer’s QR code and takes the cash, and the buyer receives the purchased cryptocurrency keys into his/her digital wallet. Shortly after that the seller is notified that the cash is ready to be collected. Escrows can also be automated – AET, or Automatic Escrow Terminal. This procedure makes any personal contact unnecessary and the transaction is as safe as possible.

Escrows will undergo thorough reliability checks before being allowed to do the business. They will also make money – 5% of the transaction value, and CryptoCasher itself will take 5% of the escrow’s 5%. Escrows will need to purchase CRR tokens.

Token pre-sale will begin on October 2nd and last till November 2nd.  The price of one CRR will be 0.0014 ETH, and bonuses are offered.  You can visit to explore the opportunities offered by this young and innovative enterprise.

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