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Get Garrys tokens today and be ready to enter the amazing world of the Chibi warriors pretty soon

March 11, 2018 - Crypto Reviews, ICO, Tokens - , , , , ,

A new fun Ethereum blockchain powered game is well on its way. Currently still under development, the game including cute Chibi warriors promises to get you hooked immediately.

You can win, trade and compete for more of the ERC721 compliant tokens as you progress in the game. You can also go ahead and buy some Garrys tokens at a lower price than the Chibis themselves, and once the game is ready to roll, you can buy new Chibis for the Garrys you already own.

The game will consist of a number of different interesting modules. One of the best parts to look forward to is the so-called Fusion center where you will be able to create your own little monster warrior by fusing the different Chibis you own. At the same time you will not lose your existing Chibis warrior and can even ask for Ether.

You will quickly get enthralled in the game and find yourself battling for ranks and becoming the ultimate warrior. There is no levelling in order to become a leader in the ranking, the game will require more wits for that, which the developers will explain as it is released.

In the Ring of Death module you can meet and challenge other Chibi Warriors, and can win over a Chibi from an opponent. If the opponent is better you can lose your Chibi but can win Ether.

If you are already intrigued in this dynamic Ethereum blockchain based game, you can read more about the current developments and the plans for the first quarters of the year at the official blog at:

Visit to buy Garrys tokens now at a much lower price than that which Generation 0 Chibis are approximated to cost. Once the game is officially released you can swap your Garry for a generation 0 Chibi Fighter and start playing immediately ahead of other players who are just joining the game.

Then you can go ahead and start collecting your Chibis, trading them, selling them or fusing them into amazing monstrous warrior which can help you win battles and win over yet more Chibis.

The first modules of the game are expected to launch pretty soon according to the official roadmap published at the Chibi website.

The expected release of the game is in the summer of 2018, and yet you can ahead of others and buy Garrys cheaply in advance. As soon as the game is on, you will get your baby Chibi and quickly grow it into a powerful and full grown warrior which will join your growing horde of Chibis. Once you set a Chibi for fusion you will be able to make money back by requesting money with a minimum of 10 WEI. As for the battles, you can choose 5 moves for your Chibi and set a certain amount of WEI and wait for an opponent to agree to pay the amount and send their Chibi into battle with you. If you win you will get the pot minus a minimum service fee. The battles are solved via contract which is half on and half off chain, so the results will become available in a few hours or the next day.

The project developers also have announced a neat bounty program where you can get paid for promoting the game and the site. You can get paid upfront in Garrys or in ETH/BTC/LTC if you join the program. You can receive a growing payment for continuously promoting Chibis via efficient and non-spammy promotional methods.

Currently one Chibi is priced at 0.05 ETH, and one Garrys is 0.01 ETH. The ratio is 1 Garrys for 1 Chibi fighter, with Garrys tokens hard capped at 10,000. Chibis have no hard cap.

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