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Getting paid for exercising – sounds good to us

April 22, 2018 - ICO, Tokens - , , , , , , ,

The newly announced Gym Rewards app is offering to pay you for going to the gym, but only after you provide proof of an actual workout to the blockchain platform.

This new blockchain mobile app will allow you to actually mine the new GYM cryptocurrency every time you visit the gym for a hard workout.

What better motivation than knowing that each time you go to the gym you will actually be making money with your body and efforts?

The gyms which participate in this system will provide an option of getting paid after you have provided the proof of exercise via the easy to use mobile app. The GYM coins will be redeemable at these gyms and can be traded at various cryptocurrency exchanges.

So, no need for CPU, GPU and ASIC mining anymore. All you need is your body and some motivation to go for a workout. Your mobile phone will detect whether you are at a participating gym and then a heart rate monitor will measure your heartbeats which will be used for mining the GYM blockchain.

The Ethereum based project is aimed at helping people get into shape by motivating them to mine GYM coins while at it. all they need to do is launch the mobile app and heart rate monitor and the system will start working.

The GYM Rewards mobile app will be available for free download for iOS and Android devices on April 30th.

The expectations of the team behind this project are that more gyms in the US will join the program, followed by gyms abroad as well.

They want to help individuals mine cryptocurrency with what they already have – their bodies, rather than the big mining farms where so many resources are being invested in.

The Proof of Exercise element will be the key to the mining of GYM coins. Once the mobile app and heart rate monitor detect that you are exercising you will start earning money.

If you run for 10 minutes at a participating gym or another affiliate you will receive an amount which corresponds to the time and intensity of your workout. One hour of running will get you 10 GYMs.

The more you exercise – the better your health and wellbeing. This is something which everybody knows, but not all have the motivation to the hit the gym after a long day at work or on a regular basis.

This blockchain project will provide serious motivation to all to enhance their activity levels and improve their fitness level, lose weight and thus reduce the risk of heart disease and other serious health conditions which are plaguing modern society today.

The project also involves an option to submit various sports events to the GYM Rewards website and promoting the event via referral QRCodes. Event managers can earn 0.5 of all the cryptocurrency earned by the participants in these approved events, such as marathons and others.

So, get your gym bag ready and set for the launch of this innovative body mining based blockchain system now!


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