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INNOVA is releasing a mobile wallet for Android and iOS, and here is why you should download it now

May 4, 2018 - Altcoins - , , , , , ,

As you might have heard, INNOVA is one of the most adaptive and innovative new age cryptocurrencies released and available to just about everyone. It is much easier to use and the team standing behind the project claim that it is based on the most secure, developing program.

Based on a NeoScrypt algorithm and a block time average of 2 minutes, the Innova coin will be available at a maximum supply of 45,000,000 coins.

The block reward distribution will be 50% to miners and 50% to Masternodes.

Everybody will be able to earn Innova coins with mining without ASIC speeding up the process significantly as compared to people using CPU based tech for mining the coins. This makes it practically ASIC resistant, which according to the Innova team is fair and more efficient.

The Innova coin is designed to be used with the Masternode system which allows for the highest ROI as compared to others.

It has been created for the community and to encourage the people to take part in the growth of the crypto coin by participating in discussions about possible amendments and improvements.

The transactions are based on DarkSend which makes them completely secure and anonymous.  This process allows for mixing coins and hiding any information which would associate them with a specific wallet or IP. This does take longer than regular transactions but it provides complete anonymity for the users to choose to use Innova coins for their transactions.

You can now download the Innova mobile wallets for iOS and Android and control your Innova coins from any place at any time easily.

With this wallet, you can hold your funds individually or share them securely with users who have multi-signature wallets which help stop any unauthorized payments because they require multiple approvals. The Innova wallets for iOS or Android can be particularly useful when you are saving up for a joint purchase or vacation with other people, or for tracking family allowances and spending, as well as for managing business and organization expenses and funds.

The Innova wallet

The brand new Innova wallet has the following features to look forward to:

  • User-friendly multi-signature security for shared and personal wallets
  • Integration for selling and buying Innova coins (INN)
  • A wide number of Innova wallet management and creation in-app functionalities
  • Device-based security which means that the private keys are stored on the device rather than in the cloud
  • HD wallet backups and address generation
  • Easy to identify payment requests and secure Innova coin payments
  • Push notifications and e-mail notifications for all transfers and payments made
  • Customizable background and name for the wallet

The Innova wallet is free and has open source software which runs on non-proprietary servers, so you don’t have to rely on any company for support. All interested can contribute to the open source code.

You can also download and manage your INN coins via the Innova wallet for Windows or Linux on your computer. You will need to download the Masternode script and install and configure it in order to start earning Masternode rewards.

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    nothing apple app store. Where can you get the apple mobile wallet?

    May 6, 2018

      Try on

      May 6, 2018
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