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Join the amazing CHERR.IO charity blockchain platform and help make the world a better place

March 17, 2018 - ICO, Tokens - , , , , ,
Possibly one of the best new blockchain based projects of 2018, CHERR.IO is a new platform for reinstating trust in charities and promoting efficient and effortless charity giving and funding of the numerous charities which desperately need support.

This Ethereum based charity platform originating from Slovenia is about to make a huge change in both organizing and supporting global charity causes and fundraisers.

The people who use the platform can rest assured that their giving goes straight to those in need without the sometimes dubious interactions with middlemen and third parties.

Blockchain technology allows for the decentralization of such good causes and will no doubt help charities raise the funding they need, because more people will feel safe and willing to join in knowing that their money is going exactly for the cause they are willing to support. The CHR tokens on the Ethereum blockchain platform will be easy and safe to use and transfer, with a total transparency of the transaction guaranteed for both donators and fundraisers.

The platform will have a web interface, along with iOS and Android app support to allow easy and quick access from all interested users willing to donate for a cause which is close to their hearts. By donating CHR tokens, participants will receive award points, and so will those who actively share, like and follow the content related to the platform and to any of the charities it supports.  So, in the end, your money will end up helping those in need and you will get rewarded for your kindness and selflessness as well.

The CHR utility token will be offered for public sale at a very attractive pre-sale price of 10,000= 1 ETH, and within 24 hours prior to the main ICO at a price of 8,000 = 1 ETH.

In the ICO, the CHR token price will be 7,000 = 1 ETH until the soft cap has been reached. After that, the price will be 5,200 = 1 ETH.

A total of 200 million CHR tokens will be supplied, with a total of 60 million CHR available in ICO. The soft cap is 3,000 ETH, and the hardcap is 12,000 ETH. The ICO will last for 21 days from the launch of the token sale, or will end earlier if the hardcap is reached before that.

Every participant will receive their CHR tokens 7 days after the ICO ends.

Best news is that 50% of the initial funds which are raised until the soft cap is reached are going to be donated to all charity campaigns which are showcased on the CHERR platform.

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