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Meet Adosia’s new blockchain initiatives and IoT technologies

March 14, 2018 - ICO, Tokens - , ,

Adosia has been a leader in ad-tech and publishing since 2010, but in 2017 the highly skilled and experienced hardware, software and engineering experts from Adosia began the development and production of blockchain-based IoT technologies and initiatives.

Adosia is leveraging technology, which is ERC20 equivalent and at the same time working on a multi-prolonged approach o leveraging of the future third gen technologies, ass cryptocurrencies move into their third generation.

Adosia is a platform which incorporates revolutionary Ad Tech, IoT automation technology as well as educational curriculums.

The planned IoT hardware products include various IoT devices which will take over time consuming tasks automatically which will help improve life quality, save time, increase security and mining cryptocurrencies as well.

The hardware will be Wi-Fi connected to the IoT ecosystem at home or at work, and each component will be able to work separately and be remotely customized and controlled by the end user via any internet connected device.

This type of approach will allow users to set up their own customized triggers or certain actions for the device or to other devices connected to the same Adosia account of the user. Each component can also be set up to trigger alarms or send notifications, or switch a digital IO or other hardware components, based on predefined device configurations. These devices will be customizable and the profiles will be very easy to update.

The ad-tech product and service will include a decentralized display ad, blockchain based ecosystem utility for highly efficient ad targeting, ad delivery and measurement of violability rates, impressions and engagement.

The Bluponix SpceHydro unit is a state-of-the-art over and under garden watering kit offered by Adosia. It consists of a submersible water level sensor and pump, and is programmable via Wi-Fi. It sends texts or e-mail alerts about the status of the system, and can easily be re-programmed remotely. Future IoT products also include: TapLock for doors and safes, MailMan for detecting physical mail, GarageBug alarm and door lock, CryptoCam and OpenPlug.

In fact Adosia is the first in the cryptocurrency space which has an actual and complete physical product.

The ADO coin is designed for tying the whole Adosia ecosystem together.

Private and strategic sales began on March 1st and will continue until April 15th. The public ICO launch and token distribution is set for April 16th until June 11th 2018. The initial value is 1 ETH = 12,500 ADO.

You can follow the project in telegram too.

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