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MUXE Advances to the speed up round of the Cryptaldash voting!

August 30, 2018 - Altcoins, ICO, Reviews, Tokens - , , , ,

As Cryptaldash voting is close to an end (the competition will end in 2 days!), the top 3 competing tokens, chosen by the number of community votes, have advanced to the speed up round!

We are very pleased (and proud!) to announce that #MUXE is among the top 3 tokens that will be competing in the speed up round of this competition.

This is very important to us and to be frank it is also very amazing because Cryptaldash is one of the most promising exchanges out there and getting listed on it would and will add a lot of value to the MUXE ecosystem and be an accomplishment worthy of note for our project, our community, and our team behind it.

MUXE is continuing and adding on a period of continuous winning and keeping of promises given to our amazing community during and after the first ICO round. We are building on our very positive momentum of successes with exchange votings, integration with other important platforms and partnerships.

So we would like to ask all of you to help support MUXE and keep this momentum by voting for MUXE to be listed on Cryptaldash Exchange, which you can do on this link:

MUXE has decided to reward our community members who help us accomplish great things by completing simple tasks important for MUXE’s future, and we will be doing so by rewarding those community members with nice bounties. To find out more about the current list of tasks for which you can earn MUXE bounties and airdrops please go to

In order to participate in the $MUXE on #CrystalDash #Exchange the following things need to happen:

Help MUXE to get listed on CryptalDash:

We need a lot of social followers and shares to reach the sixty thousand points.

Use: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, telegram, Reddit, youtube, Medium and more to get us 10 points per like or share.

Multiple accounts seem to be allowed.

We got 2 days to earn 60.000 points which is 4000 from social interaction.

For any questions contact
@LunaIsla or join

We are almost at 10000 points. Muxe bv is doing the major rewards by arranging all the pr and buzz feed. We can get the additional 40.000 points by receiving a total. of 4000 likes and shares.

If you got Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, telegram, Reddit medium, youtube then you can do 12 engagement per person which is 120 points per person

Deadline end of August.

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