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Navibration – find your way and experience the world, not the net

September 18, 2018 - ICO, Reviews, Tokens - , , , , ,

Did you know that you can find your way around without the internet, without the need to be online, and without GPS or maps? Navibration is the app that can help you do it, only using your smartphone. Navibration is a patented system for navigation, available on Google Play and Apple store, and it operates as simply as that – you hold your smartphone horizontally and turn around. When you are facing in the right direction, the telephone will start to vibrate. This system has been designed for use on foot, and the technology will soon be available on a Navibration walking stick or watch.

The developers are a Spanish company, whose guarantee of quality is the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. The team are going further ahead this year with the project Navibration Experiences, ready-made guided tours within the Navibration app that can be purchased and experienced by the user. A Navigation Experiences route acts as an audioguide. It tells you stories about the sites you choose to visit, and those stories are narrated by some of the leading historical figures associated with that place.

You can take a tour of London, for example. You can pick from 22 London locations, and Queen Victoria will talk to you about Big Ben, the London Eye, Scotland Yard, or No 10 Downing Street. You could try this for yourself at . If you see the catalogue at , you will find that London, Madrid and Brussels already have their audioguides ready, and at least 50 more tourist locations are on the way.

This is where the ordinary, creative and enterprising person comes in. Navibration Experiences offers regular users the opportunity to write sightseeing itineraries, narration texts, to record the voices and upload the final product to be bought by other users. One person does not necessarily have to do the whole chain of route creation. Rather, the work will be done in stages – itinerary, text, translation, recording, approval and editing. The first four will be open for creative people to participate in and be rewarded for their efforts.

How will those rewards come? Navibration experiences will use the blockchain technology and a smart contract.  After a route has been purchased, in Navicoins ot FIAT,  the rewards are distributed equally, in Navicoins, to the participants in the 5 creation stages, so each participant gets 20 %.

To be allowed to participate in the creation stages, you need to have been in possession of no less than 500 Navibration Experiences tokens during the last 30 days. After the creation stage, participants have no right to receive rewards if they have not retained at least 50 % of the tokens received so far. The system warns users about the minimum required and you can get back to your rewards if you collect the minimum again. Also, you can transfer your part of a route to another person in exchange for a “price” in Navicoins; in that case, that person will receive the 20% that used to come to you with each purchase.

The token pre-sale is in October-November 2018; the public sale will be in November-December. The soft cap is set at 500 000 USD and the bought tokens will be returned if that is not reached. 120 000 000 NAVI are for sale, at the base rate of 0.05 USD. You can find out more about the enterprise and the upcoming ICO on, youtube, on Twitter or anywhere this smart opportunity navigates its way through the net.







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