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Popular eToro Investor Jeppe Kirk Bonde teams up with David Bullen and James chandam to start an Asset management company

December 6, 2018 - Crypto Reviews - , , , ,

One of the most successful traders on social trading company eToro Jeppe Kirk bond has teamed up with his friends and fellow successfully traders James Chandam and David Bullen to start an asset management company called the blockcharter

The founders combined, bring together experience of over 15 years of successful trading and are all big and reknown names in the financial global markets.

The company which will be headquarted in Switzerland, was started with the goal of providing an excellent alternative investment service for investors in the Forex and crypto markets driven by the desire to provide an unparallelled investment service in terms of setting realistic targets, an aim to meet targets over a given period combined with a clear focus on customer service.

Asked why decide to start his own company, Jeppe cited the need to help many more people through his independent company than only through eToro “Our track record shows that we have been performing aptly for a significant period of time. Longevity is possible through constant development of our trading strategy with a constant focus on risk management combined with real returns that we’re proud of. And we need to use this expertise to help as many people as possible in the world earn from financial markets”

The block charter will provide investors the possibility to earn from the Forex and crypto Market with a dedicated team of professional traders that have extensive experience in markets analysis, developing/programming and algorithmic trading.


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