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March 10, 2020 - Reviews - ,

The RiverMount project is one that was created basically for the decentralization of the modern global investment and the financial market. Presently, our main goal is the implementation of a kind of platform that will easily make a financial investment in any part of the world and effectively overcome the problems of the centralized financial investment industry. The team associated with the RiverMount project is known for setting goals that are feasible and transparent in order to achieve future-oriented values.

RiverMount project is set specifically for the decentralization of the entire global financial market. Finance can be seen as a network. And an international financial network is created by the expansion of a network of financial institutions, individuals and central banks found within a country into a financial institution network that is located in various countries. A lot of attention has been attracted by the international financial network due to the financial crisis (Lehman Shock), that started in 2007 in the United States caused by the subprime mortgage and spread to various other countries and was an important channel in the financial crisis.

RiverMount Vision

The RiverMount project will be introducing three platforms to the market

Phase 1: RM GLOBAL Financial Investment Application ‘RM Funds’

Phase 2: DEX Exchange Application based on RM STABLE ‘RM DEX’

Phase 3: RM Mainnet Platform ‘RM Mainnet’

The RiverMount project has effectively prepared its own strategy for survival in the market. This will be achieved through regional and national business, RiverMount has also secured the RiverMount token holders and profitability for the designing of a business where both cryptocurrency and spot can be given back

RM protocol

The RiverMount project also introduces the RiverMount protocols for the designing of a foundation of decentralized financial infrastructure. The RiverMount protocol is actually a peer to peer financial protocol for the maintenance of an independent ecosystem in the RiverMount Mainnet ecosystem. This protocol is exclusively for the RM works for the construction of the basic ecosystem on the Mainnet and it also works with Ethereum mainnet before the mainnet launch which will enable users to make a fast transaction and get reasonable rewards

The RiverMount project also plays host to financial infrastructure platforms such as the mining, Dapps and wallet businesses. The entire businesses are global language-based. Various policies of monetary for different countries will also be unified to RM and thereafter, partnerships will be expanded throughout the investment and financial market. Particularly, the company will majorly focus on the scalability of the platform by ensuring that all the users in every part of the world recognize that the RM project has made up for the shortcomings of the existing blockchain Mainnet after the launching of the RiverMount Mainnet. Users will generally be charged very cheap fees for the usage of the RM networks by charging just minimal ecosystem maintenance costs.

The RiverMount project generally aims at leading the easy and fast financial investment market in any part of the world based on its independent Mainnet. does not assume any responsibility or liability for the Content of the publication.

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