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Sint is the new universal exchange platform for cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies which you must use

April 5, 2018 - ICO, Tokens - , , , , , , ,

The new Sint platform is for the quick, cheap and one-step exchange of cryptocurrencies into traditional fiat currencies and vice versa. It will integrate all of the most popular online payment channels, cryptocurrency markets and banking transactions in one.

Holders of SIN tokens can make a profit via the Sint platform. In fact, trading SIN tokens on the platform will be absolutely free with zero commissions or fees involved, which means that their holders can quickly and easily exchange them into any other fiat or cryptocurrency for free.

The website can be accessed by all investors 24/7 and they will be able to manage all their assets in real time without risk of potential losses due to delays in cash flow and for transactions which often occur in traditional exchanges and payment platforms.

The goal of the creators who are blockchain enthusiasts and tech experts is to create a platform to connect all investors, banks, and exchanges in one easy to use online platform.

The idea is that Sint will become an essential tool used by each cryptocurrency investor.

The innovative project is looking at connecting the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market with the financial market in order to make trading and exchange easier, safer and cheaper for both experienced and for newbie investors.

Since cryptocurrencies are mainly used for trading rather than for what they were originally intended for, the team behind Sint have developed the idea for making the task of investing in digital currencies less of a hassle. The platform will allow for easy trading and exchange without having to deal with all other different cryptocurrency exchanges which all have different regulations, fees and in most cases complicated and timely verification processes involved.

This is especially confusing for new investors who often get lost and could suffer extensive losses or be deprived of any profit.

The instant transfers as well as the free availability of funds are essential for success and making a profit from trading digital assets.

In many cases, cryptocurrency exchanges do not expect traditional fiat currencies, which means that the actual transactions can become very complicated, time-consuming and costly. This may result in serious losses.

With Sint, the investors can choose the exact time when the conditions are favorable to execute trades without losing money due to delays and associated fees.

The Ethereum network-based platform will provide reliable security, speed, and a stable foundation. It will become an excellent tool for profiting off arbitrage as well.

Traders will benefit from listing SIN tokens on different cryptocurrency exchanges as well. 82% of the tokens will be distributed in an ICO. Since the number of tokens is predetermined, the SIN token will not be subject to inflation or deflation.

All SIN transactions will be carried out in real time, no matter what kind of exchange you are making and where you are sending the funds. All this will happen without intermediaries. The payments are guaranteed by a blockchain algorithm and our account cannot be blocked due to the peer-to-peer network. Other transactions on Sint will have a very low 0.1% commission.

The two-factor authentication and real-time monitoring of suspicious activities will ensure that your account is perfectly safe and inaccessible by others. The Google Authenticator will generate a code each time you enter your Sint password via a mobile app on your phone, or if you prefer a simpler verification method, you will receive a code via e-mail instead.

So check out the new platform and get ready to start trading!

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  • ian harveyReply

    I see today after hours a SIN T on JD.L .....(London ) ...are these trades done during the day and recorded after hours or are they a way of post market close trading ??

    January 7, 2019
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