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March 27, 2018 - ICO - , , ,

Linear contract – the partnership program of the project, allows you to earn on attracting users to the system. Simply put, the source of income, based on the invitation to the project of new participants.
Binary contract – allows you to earn the Etherium from your custom structure (binary). Not limited in terms of income and depends only on user activity. In other words, the source of income is based on the activity of each user invited to the project.

From mart 2018, each of the partners of the third level of the contract and above can receive additional profit from investing in cloud mining! The starting amount of only 0.06 ethereum on 1 account,
that calculation, if each will be ONLY 2 invited:
Income on line marketing will be:
Level 1 0.01*2 = 0,02
Level 2 4×0.05= 0,2
Level 3 8х0.25= 2.0
Level 4 16х0.5 = 8.0
Level 5 32х10 = 320.0
Level 6 64х50 = 3200.0

With JUST two referrals on one account, and helping each other earn 3530 ethereum

PLUS extra multiple income binary:
1st table = profit 0.15 eth
2nd table = 1 eth
3rd table = 3.5 eth
4th table = 20.0 eth
5th table = 100.0 eth
6th table = 1125.0 eth
Just 1250 ethereum
Mining ethereum starts with 1 linear contract!
Link for registration in STEPIUM➔

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