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Wooshcoin ICO lasts till October 15th

September 27, 2018 - ICO, Reviews, Tokens - , , , , , , , , , ,

Right now the ICO of Wooshcoin (XWO)  is at its peak. The sale began on Sept 15 and is scheduled to last until mid-October. The event is taking place on the Ethereum platform, and the initial issue is 900 000 000 000 tokens. The price of 1 XWO is USD 0.0046, or 0.000016 ETH. 600 000 000 000 tokens are available for burning, and the total supply will be lowered down to 300 000 000 000 tokens. This operation adds about 25% more value to the tokens you possess. The coin burn will take place in 4 stages, with 150 000 000 000 tokens burnt at each stage. As well will be Frozen Fund of 100 000 000 000 (To provide long term stimulation, team token where frozen upto 5 years with special smart contract with vesting schedule).  Operational fund is 60 000 000 000 (For Future Development) and Available Supply 140 000 000 000

Why invest in it?

The digital currency XWO was designed to make financial transactions faster, more efficient, secure and, above all, private. The WooshCoin makes use of the blockchain technology and aims to bring it into the everyday business environment, as an easy and flexible mode of payments done between businesses and individuals. The idea behind blockchain technology is decentralization. Basically, the information about any financial transaction is stored as an information “block”, only not on a single server, but on a network of nodes sharing a protocol. Physical copies of these blocks exist on each node of the network, and each block has its timestamp. Once included in the blockchain, the information in each block cannot be changed as this would require changing the blocks that come after it. So, this form of distributed ledger provides security and verifiable operations.

The project creators believe that this is the future of the Crypto world. Cryptocurrencies and their market are making their mark and growing. More than 15 percent US respondents in a recent survey said they had at one point owned a cryptocurrency. The “digital natives”- people born and raised with technology – are the prospective layer of society who could participate in the crypto world and be the engines of the new financial structures. For their sake, and for the sake of anyone interested in innovative business ways, WooshCoin are aiming to promote a new financial system based on decentralization. Such a system could change the way business is done and the relationships consumer-provider, as well as online trading.

To work towards this aim, WoochCoin needs to gather contributions from as many sources as possible, to avoid any possible censorship. As from February 2019 on, it also has several new projects planned. These include WooshHub, WooshDaddy, Woosh Wallet and WooshX.

WooshHub, as a matter of fact, already exists- The site offers news, analyses and reviews connected with the world of cryptocurrencies. Users can make their own profile there, and a portfolio where they can share information.

WooshDaddy will provide hosting services, as well as SEO, SSL, e-mails, website building and protection – everything a small business needs to make its mark online.

WooshX will be a platform for storing, selling, buying or transferring digital currency. 30% of the company profits will go to those who maintain high trading activities.

Woosh Wallet will support WooshCoin (XWO), as well as ERC20, ERC223 and ERC 721 tokens. It will allow you to perform transactions securely using your mobile device.

The recommended digital wallet for anyone wishing to grab hold of take part of the XWO community is WooshCoin (XWO) is also compatible with ERC20 token wallets and third-party services wallets. The capital raised will help to meet its costs, develop and improve for five years ahead, until it becomes self-sufficient. WooshCoin would like to thank everyone for supporting them so far, and invites visitors to these addresses where valuable info can be found:

Twitter –

Facebook –

Instagram –

Website –

GitHub –

Telegram –

Telegram –

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